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Domestic Detox | Pollution is Personal

Feb 24 2011
7:00-8:30 pm

From laundry detergent and toothpaste to non-stick pans and canned beans, unregulated, untested, and undisclosed synthetic chemicals are used in the production of countless household items.

Many of these toxic ingredients are absorbed by our bodies and contribute to a dramatic increase in chronic health problems. Scientific estimates show that the average person carries at least 700 contaminants in his or her body.

With the FDA and EPA powerless to regulate the chemical corporations and protect the populace, how do citizens navigate this minefield of domestic toxins? Where do we start?

It can be overwhelming and often paralyzing, but we CAN transform our living spaces into toxin-free homes, starting with a few simple steps.

Join Jenna Spevack, City University of New York professor and founder of Plastic Albatross, for a domestic detox with a step-by-step tour down the average household shopping list. Learn how to lessen your exposure to toxins in your own home and reduce your body burden.


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