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WORKSHOP: Organic Beekeeping

Jan 25 2014
10 am-6 pm

With Chris Harp and Grai Rice from HoneybeeLives
January 25 & 26, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm

This popular two-day weekend workshop will help get you started with beekeeping. Chris and Grai take a natural and biodynamic approach to beekeeping: they teach beginning beekeepers to understand the responsibilities of the beekeeper and develop an understanding of the instincts and community of the bees.  A philosophy of gentle care is imparted, as well as practical knowledge in preparation for starting hives in the spring.  This class is also helpful for current beekeepers who are looking for a culture of nurturing.

Intro to Organic Beekeeping: Planning a New Hive for Spring (Saturday 10am - 6pm)

Learn about the basic requirements and responsibilities for organic beekeeping. Understand the community of a hive, the tools involved, elements of site selection, where you can obtain honeybees and equipment, and an understanding of a naturalist approach to their needs. There is a hands-on demonstration of assembling a wooden hive, and extensive class handouts to help new beekeepers. 

Understanding and Caring For Your Bees (Sunday 10am - 6pm)

Topics will include: hive congruency and design to benefit the colony (including Top Bar Hives); Honeybee health and disease management the natural way; seasonal concerns and methods to help keep your honeybees strong.

Preregistration is required.  $200 per person for the full weekend, or $100 for one day. Contact Grai at HoneybeeLives


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