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Winter Weekend Organic Beekeeping Class

Feb 5 2011
10 am-6 pm

For the first time in New York City, Chris Harp and Grai Rice of HoneybeeLives will offer their two-day organic beekeeping class.

HoneybeeLives takes a natural, organic approach to beekeeping. Their in-depth workshops nurture beginning beekeepers and encourage veteran beekeepers to adopt a naturalist approach. They encourage beekeeping that respects the instincts of the honeybees and a gentle approach in their care.  HoneybeeLives is working to strengthen the honeybee population and heighten awareness of their incredibly valuable role in the earth’s health.

(Saturday, February 5,10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Learn about the basic requirements and responsibilities for organic beekeeping. Understand the community of a hive, the tools involved, elements of site selection, where you can obtain honeybees and equipment, and an understanding of a naturalist approach to their needs. This class introduces students to a nurturing way of beekeeping and a philosophy of respect and love for these amazing creatures.  There is a hands-on demonstration of assembling a wooden hive, and extensive class handouts to help new beekeepers. 

(Sunday, February 6, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Topics will include: hive congruency and design to benefit the colony; Honeybee health and disease management the organic way; seasonal concerns and methods; as well as imparting the value of respecting the lives and needs of your bees.  Top Bar Hive beekeeping will be discussed.

Full weekend registration only - $200 per person

Pre-registration is required.  To register for classes, please send an email to or call (845) 255-6113. Please include phone contact information.
Prepayment is requested. Send a check to HoneybeeLives, 133 Plains Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561. If you cancel within 2 days of class a fee will be charged.

Or you can pay with a credit card using the Paypal link when you register.

Gift Certificates are available. We can send you a beautiful, personalized gift certificate to give to someone. (We ask an additional $7 to cover the printing, postage and handling.)

Chris Harp is an organic beekeeper, beekeeping teacher and co-founder of HoneybeeLives. He has been tending his own hives in New Paltz, NY for twenty years, expanding his naturalist and biodynamic approach to tend approximately 200 colonies in locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont, for both individuals and organizations, including Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie, and CSA farms Phillies Bridge and Taliafero’s in New Paltz. Harp’s work as a “Bee Doctor” comes from a deep caring and concern for the fragility of the Honeybee population, and a profound respect for the structure of their collective lives and their impact on the health of Mother Earth. Harp evolved from his conventional methods of beekeeping after learning a biodynamic approach from Gunther Hauk at the Pfeiffer Center.

Grai St. Clair Rice is co-founder of HoneybeeLives.  After ten years as an Editor/Producer at CNN’s New York Bureau, and many years before in the film, art and publishing worlds, Grai’s focus turned to beekeeping and writing.  She is currently the President of the Ulster County Beekeeping Association. Grai lectures on gardening for Honeybees, and co-teaches some of the beekeeping classes.  She is working on two different books about honeybees and beekeeping.


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