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Mon, 07/28/2014 - 2:39pm
Inspiring 3 days, satisfied. Good space to refresh ideas and get to meet people. It is exceptional to find spaces that bring together activists and intellectual work / study groups
Yes I did, but I have a "big mouth," used to speak in public. Maybe some special effort could be done to facilitate, bring in other voices.
Could have been a bit more in some of the talks
Coffee would have been nice
(followed on internet) Refreshing talk. Good keynote to set the scene
Difficult topic to tackle in 2 hours, but it did the job of appetizer to engage more with Capital
Very engaging. Good balance theoretical analysis and tos /hands on /strategies as move forward.
Inspiring talk. Well structured, communicative and nice to end with concrete invitation for people to become engaged with concrete struggle.
Nice to have a very personal take on the work of Fanon probably not very familiar to many. Could have gone more in depth maybe. Engaging speaker
I was happy with the approach. Not too dense and well structured, not to long for early up.
Great. Johanna Fernandez is an exceptional speaker. THe combination of clarity, structured talk and energy emittance is inspiring, sharp analysis
Nice engagements with possible ways forward. A session that nicely combined theoretical analysis with giving tools on how to move forward.
Sorry, I missed that class
Interesting, good speakers. For this sessions it could have been nice to bring in testimonies from experiments, rather that people reflecting on initiatives elsewhere.
Difficult task to span so many different topics without becoming to general/nor too specific, but it worked.
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