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Mon, 07/28/2014 - 2:03pm
Yes, many of the talks were very inspiring and applied the theme to their area of discriptive in a good way. I do wish there were more sessions that dealt specifically with presenting terms from Marx, like the Randy Martin and Juliet Ucelli ones.
Maby suggested readings beforehand and I really wish more of the presentations had used the white board or powerpoints as just talkis very hard to take for a lot of people, myself included. Also, leg stretches every hour or 45 minutes!!!
Good start for the weekend but again, power point please
Great. Inspiring, clear, interactive, tied to the theme & presented in a very pedagogical way.
Great, wish schedule with suggested readings would've been sent out earlier and that time would've been managed a little different.
Missed this
Historical perspective was good! Whit board with points would've been helpful.
Amazing. Could've used a powerpoint & a suggested reading list at the end.
Marcuse needs a powerpoint. Nancy Romer very good! both theoretical and comcrete
Could've used more structure
Skye needs a powerpoint. If I hadn't been familiar with all his theoretical concepts beforehand, I woul've been completely lost.
A book list or reading list would be great, with the texts mentioned during the talks.