Evaluation: Precarious Labor, Precarious Lives

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#SubmittedUserIP AddressName (optional)EmailOverall, how would you describe your experience and were you satisfied? Did you feel comfortable to ask questions and make comments? Was there enough time for participation?What would you like to see done differently? Session 1. The Jobless Present with Vijay PrashadSession 2. Capital with Randy MartinSession 3. The Commons with George Caffentzis & Silvia FedericiSession 4. Marxism, Science & Our Ecological Crisis with Chris WilliamsSession 5. Introduction to the Work of Frantz Fanon with Kazembe BalagunSession 6. Basics of Marist Method with Liz MestresSession 7. Precarity & Gender with Lisa Maya KnauerSession 8. Precarity & Mass Incarceration with Johanna FernandezSession 9. Urban Struggles / Right to the City with Peter Marcuse and Nancy RomerSession 10. Class, the Labor Process & Capital Accumulation with Juliet Ucelli Session 11. Old & New Labor Movements with Ed OttSession 12. The Global Search for Alternatives with Skye Bougsty-Marshall & Rebecca HollenderSession 13. Beyond Precarious Labor, Cooperatives & the Solidarity Economy with Emily Kawano & Maliha SafriAdditional commentsGoing forward, would you be interested in helping to organize another "Intensive" some time in the future?sort descendingOn the last day, some participants began discussing a possible "Capital" reading group for the Fall. Would you be interested?
107/28/2014 - 1:04pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Overall very informative, engaging and inspirational. Very exhaustive, but groovyYesCould have been less time-intensive / more time for participationMore workshops between participants to build solidarity, increase attendance of less-informed population through engagement on the ground / communityGreat subject matter and speaker, very powerful talkn/aI really liked the perspective of this lectureReally interesting, not often talked about / undervalued areaGreat introduction to Fanonn/aReally great participation, good commentsSo powerful and filled with passion. A highlightGood participation, lots of discussionReally informative talk, great breakdown of subject matterReally powerful, good speakerInformative and practical conversationn/a
207/28/2014 - 1:10pmAnonymous189.163.226.110I think it was great!!!YesYesNothingMissedGreatInterestingFantasticShe needed a powerpoint. It was a lot of information to take in at once
307/28/2014 - 1:15pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Bad compared to last year's 3-day intensive. This was not to my expectationYesYesNot sureVery informative.Gives real world examples of what is happening in the worldInformative but something was missing that wuld give a more accurate view of what is going on.Very, very good. Gave history and what we see from that history to today.Very hard to graspInteresting
407/28/2014 - 1:34pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Did not attend enough sessions to make reliable observations required by the questions below.Excellentn/aExcellentn/a
507/28/2014 - 1:45pmAnonymous189.163.226.110GreatYesIt was very good, interesting, mind opening esp when he talked about IndiaI heard about the book "The Wretched of the Earth" but never read it. After lecture I can now say that at least I have an idea about who Frantz Fanon was. Truly interesting and I plan to do my own research on the topic.Very good, esp that P. Marcuse, descendant of famous Marcuse ("Unidimensional Man"). I am very interested in Community Land Trust. Because I was late, I missed "Accumulation by Dispossession."I learned a lot about this very interesting topic. It has definitely a future.I would like to add that I found the people coming here interesting. Thank you.
607/28/2014 - 1:51pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Good experience, informative, yesyesNo, I recommend blocking time for questions and discussion or asking speakers to account time for questions.More sessions, perhaps on the first day, about the basics of Marxism, mabe explore his writings before jumping into more narrow topics.missedgood informative sessionfavoritegreat formatNot sure how this session fit with the rest, a bit off tipicCould delve deeper into Marxist MethodVery interestingVery captivating, could also include more about Marx and less incarcerationMissedMissedMissedI like the alternatives componentmissed
707/28/2014 - 2:03pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Yes, many of the talks were very inspiring and applied the theme to their area of discriptive in a good way. I do wish there were more sessions that dealt specifically with presenting terms from Marx, like the Randy Martin and Juliet Ucelli ones.YesMaby suggested readings beforehand and I really wish more of the presentations had used the white board or powerpoints as just talkis very hard to take for a lot of people, myself included. Also, leg stretches every hour or 45 minutes!!!Good start for the weekend but again, power point pleaseGood!Great. Inspiring, clear, interactive, tied to the theme & presented in a very pedagogical way.Great, wish schedule with suggested readings would've been sent out earlier and that time would've been managed a little different.Missed thisHistorical perspective was good! Whit board with points would've been helpful.Amazing. Could've used a powerpoint & a suggested reading list at the end.Marcuse needs a powerpoint. Nancy Romer very good! both theoretical and comcreteGood!Could've used more structureSkye needs a powerpoint. If I hadn't been familiar with all his theoretical concepts beforehand, I woul've been completely lost.A book list or reading list would be great, with the texts mentioned during the talks.
807/28/2014 - 2:16pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Was great. Depth, interesting topics, accessible enoughYesYesStart later, end later, more comfortable chairsBrilliantLoved the mood/feel. Felt he had oversimplified. He clearly had a deeper knowledge that he let into the talk itself.Q&A is difficult that early. Would have liked more connection between the basics and where they led--even if just briefly mentiond. Fruits of the basic tenets.Felt a bit disjoited. Would have liked more precise direction and point. No need to single people out based on the country of origin (felt uncomfortable).Brilliant. Slightly statistic-heavy given oral format. Maybe visual aids could have helped given oral format. Maybe visual aids could have helped.No commentVery edifying. Reading & Q&A that early is difficultMissed
907/28/2014 - 2:23pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Great experience, very satisfiedYesYesMore ppl involvedBrilliant, excellentInformative, clearExciting, informativeEngaging, clear, brilliant *personal favoriteExcellent, smartVery informative, clearGreatFantastic, riveting, tied for 2nd favoriteGreatInformative, clearBrilliant, informative, exciting, tied for 2nd favoriteGreatGreatThank you!
1007/28/2014 - 2:39pmAnonymous189.163.226.110Inspiring 3 days, satisfied. Good space to refresh ideas and get to meet people. It is exceptional to find spaces that bring together activists and intellectual work / study groupsYes I did, but I have a "big mouth," used to speak in public. Maybe some special effort could be done to facilitate, bring in other voices.Could have been a bit more in some of the talksCoffee would have been nice(followed on internet) Refreshing talk. Good keynote to set the sceneDifficult topic to tackle in 2 hours, but it did the job of appetizer to engage more with CapitalVery engaging. Good balance theoretical analysis and tos /hands on /strategies as move forward.Inspiring talk. Well structured, communicative and nice to end with concrete invitation for people to become engaged with concrete struggle.Nice to have a very personal take on the work of Fanon probably not very familiar to many. Could have gone more in depth maybe. Engaging speakerI was happy with the approach. Not too dense and well structured, not to long for early up.Great. Johanna Fernandez is an exceptional speaker. THe combination of clarity, structured talk and energy emittance is inspiring, sharp analysisNice engagements with possible ways forward. A session that nicely combined theoretical analysis with giving tools on how to move forward.Sorry, I missed that classInteresting, good speakers. For this sessions it could have been nice to bring in testimonies from experiments, rather that people reflecting on initiatives elsewhere.Difficult task to span so many different topics without becoming to general/nor too specific, but it worked.