Request for Booking Space

To Request a Space Rental Booking, You Must Fill Out the Following Form

note: if you're booking as an individual and not with an org or company, then please just write: Individual/Family, etc.
Note that multiple events often go on in the Brooklyn Commons on the same day (there are multiple book-able spaces, and some events are earlier than others, even in the same space.) Note that your request is NOT considered booked and confirmed until you receive notification that it is booked and confirmed.
please note: The BKC often hosts multiple events in the same day. There are four different spaces to choose from, and often one event in the main space will be from 5-7:00 and another from 8-10:00, while classes or meetings go on upstairs. The Commons will do everything we can to accommodate you.
There are six rent-able event spaces at the Commons. Please indicate which ones you'd like to use.
Please indicate your expected turnout for the event. Incl. the full # of people, including the organizers. If you do not know, please give your best accurate estimate, and include info in the comments section below.
Select the type of event. You may select more than one option.
Please share. This is critically important for public events - we use this description for the website, eblasts, social media.
Please upload a photo or graphic for your event. To be used on the web, on facebook, and potentially on livestream. The server has a limit of 2 MB. Please upload a jpg, png, eps, tif, pict, gif, or even pdf. NOTE: if you do not have your image ready, you will have an opportunity to upload when your booking is confirmed and contract filled out. But we really love getting these.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png eps tif pict pdf.
Is it a free event or do you sell tickets? Is enrollment limited?
note: ticketed events generally require you to have someone to work the entrance. Options may be discussed with the Brooklyn Commons.
The Main Stage at the Brooklyn Commons includes wall-mounted cameras and a full tech setup (switcher, graphics, etc.) for livestreaming events to the Commons website, to facebook, to the livestream server, and , in fact, one programmed you can get an embed code to have the events stream on your own site. Please NOTE: you must make this decision in advance, and allow plenty of time for set up, as well as have someone who can manage the cameras and stream during your event.
Please list the name(s) of the person on your team who will (after meeting with the Brooklyn Commons staff) be responsible for managing lights, camera-switcher, and audio boards for your event.
note: The Brk Commons now offers full-broadcast quality radio through our music board, mackie mixer, and Comrex. If you will be recording the event, or broadcasting it, you must provide a tech person that is vetted and approved by the Brooklyn Commons, prior to the event. Some (minimal) orientation and training may be required.
While the Commons may host family or corporate receptions, it often hosts progressive non-profits. Different rates (and different responsibilities) may hold for non-profits.
(the groups and individuals who use office space on the 2nd and 3rd floors)? If so, please describe the relationship.