Precarious Labor, Precarious Lives -- Readings & Bibliographies

George Caffentzis & Silvia Federici - The Commons


Kazembe Balagun - Introduction to the Work of Frantz Fanon

Powerpoint - Introduction to Frantz Fanon

Fanon, Frantz “Concerning Violence” Chapter 1 of “Wretched of the Earth,”

Fanon, Frantz, “Algeria Unveiled,”

Balagun, Kazembe “Remembering Frantz Fanon” Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

Liz Mestres - Basics of Marxist Method

Frederick Engels & Karl Marx "The German Ideology - "First Premises of Materialist Method,"

Frederick Engels' Speech at the Grave of Karl Marx

Juliet Ucelli - Class, The Labor Process & Capital Accumulation

8 Key Points from Marx's Capital.doc




Ed Ott - Old & New Labor Movements

New Labor in New York: Precarious Workers and the Future of the Labor Movement by Ruth Milkman & Ed Ott

Peter Marcuse & Nancy Romer - Urban Struggles / Right to the City

Peter Marcuse;s Blog #54, at, describes what community land trusts are and both their immediate benefits and their long-range transformative potential.

Skye Bougsty-Marshall & Rebecca Hollender - The Global Search for Alternatives

Global Ecological Crisis and Modes of Resistance.doc - Skye Bougsty-Marshall

Alternatives to Development in Latin America_draft for citiation.pdf - Rebecca Hollender

Emily Kawano & Maliha Safri - Beyond Precarious Labor: Cooperatives & the Solidarity Economy

Powerpoint - Coops vs Capitalist Performance