Dr. David Kotelchuck

A celebration of the lives of Abe and Julia Kotelchuck
An evening with David Kotelchuck, author of a new book on his parents just published by Blue Thread, an imprint of Jewish Currents
Abe and Julia Kotelchuck were pursued as Communist Party activists by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI with a relentless vindictiveness that reached deep into their work and family lives for well over two decades. This thoroughly researched memoir by their adult son, Dr. David Kotelchuck, uses 2,200 pages of Abe’s and Julia’s FBI files, interviews with family members, news articles (particularly by the great independent journalist, I.F. Stone), books by historians of the McCarthy Era, and personal memory to create a portrait of resistance to government repression that is at once chilling and heartwarming.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 7:30pm