Victor Wallis

The Research Group on Socialism & Democracy and the Marxist Education Project
Current Prospects for a Socialist Movement in the United States
An evening presentation
and discussion with Victor Wallis

This year has witnessed a major surge in popular receptivity to socialism in the United States. As a research journal for activists, now completing its 30th volume, Socialism and Democracy has long anticipated such a juncture. What new dangers and opportunities does it bring, and how can our work with Socialism and Democracy help illuminate them?

Victor Wallis, who has been Socialism and Democracy’s editor for almost 20 years, responds to these questions, drawing partly on the collective work of the journal but also on his own research and activism, which have embraced environmental issues, anti-war, anti-interventionist, and prisoners' rights struggles, and the recent history of the US Left.

This discussion will be chaired by Johanna Fernández (Baruch College) with commentary from Marcella Bencivenni (Hostos, CUNY) and Hester Eisenstein (Graduate Center, CUNY) - all of whom are Socialism and Democracy editorial board members.

Co-Sponsors: Research Group on Socialism & Democracy, Marxist Education Project

Saturday, December 3, 2016 - 7:30pm